Turnkey Solution

Construmed offers simplicity for tenants, while maintaining high security standard for the landlord.

The concept “Rent Right Now” makes it possible for the tenant to choose their new home from Construmed, complete paperwork and walk out with a key in their hand, in just over an hour.

Both tenants and guarantors have access a computing platform, within the Construmed facilities, allowing them to print all the necessary documentation for the lease, simply by having a fiscal password and identification.

Through this platform, the new tenant may request utility services in 10 minutes, avoiding long lines, allowing extra time for the moving, when time always seems to be in short supply.
Service benefits:

  • Speed – Immediate response.
  • Debureaucratization – All documentation in available online.
  • Acquire utility services without delay.
  • Privacy and confidentiality – A Guarantor can print his own documents on the premises and deliver it directly to the department.
  • Comfort and safety - All apartments undergo two rigorous surveys, examining living conditions, safety and hygiene.

Subject to legal evaluation.